About - Buffalo Valley Ranch
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Eco Resorts, llc

Eco Resorts, llc owns, operates, and controls Buffalo Valley Ranch, Heart Six Ranch, Two Ocean Pass Outfitters, and Concordia Eco Resorts.  Founded in 2019 we are committed to the principles of Eco Tourism which will guide the future of our properties as we have a responsibility to conserve our resorts for generations to come.

Heart Six Ranch

Heart Six Ranch is a full service Dude Ranch located geographically in Jackson’s Hole Wyoming.  The ranch was founded in the 1800’s and predates the existence of the Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Bridger Teton National Park.  When visiting Buffalo Valley Ranch, you are invited to visit Heart Six Ranch and take part in all of our activities.

Concordia Eco Resort

Concordia Eco Resort is located on St. John Island in the United State Virgin Islands.  The resort is surrounded by Virgin Island National Park and commands some of the most beautiful views in the world. The resort is based upon a simple principal that tourism should be sustainable and our existence should result in the least possible disturbance to the environment.

The Chapman Family through Eco Resorts, LLC is always looking for additional properties to add to our portfolio.  When considering future acquisitions we look for properties within National Forests and National Parks with a rich natural history and a strong local community that shares our interests in preserving the environment and the historic character of our surroundings.  Please feel free to contact Frank Chapman at Frank@EcoResorts.com if you are interested in proposing a property for consideration in our portfolio.