Contact - Buffalo Valley Ranch
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Guest Relations: 307-543-2477

16985 Buffalo Valley Road

Moran, Wyoming 83013

The Buffalo Valley Cafe maintains three types of facilities.  They are Trapper’s Cabins, Tipi’s, and Conestoga Family Wagons.  These accommodations do not have bathrooms.  We maintain two locker room facilities with showers and restrooms capable of handling all of our guests.  These are absolutely not the standard hotel suites.  The Trapper’s Cabins are over 100 years old log cabins used by fur trappers at the turn of the 19th century.  The Tipi’s are tent structures made by Yurt out of Colorado with a p gravel stone floor, and the Conestoga Wagons have 4 single beds arranged in two bunk beds with a king bed.  They are perfect for large families.  Please also be aware that weather should be taken into account when booking these accommodations and that the cancellation policy is 7 days in advance of your arrival date.   As a eco resort, we do not provide blankets, towels, and linens for these accommodations, but upon request they are available for a fee.

Activities Booking: 307-543-2477


Grand Teton

Bridger-Teton National Forest

Buffalo Valley Ranch is the sister resort to Heart Six Ranch and as such shares activities with Heart Six.  We provide Hunting, Camping, Outfitting, Trailrides, Tours, Canoe Trips, Scenic Float Trips, Fly-Fishing, and just about any activity you can dream up.  We are able to provide these activities in the National Parks and the National Forests due to our historic nature.  We love this life and cherish the ability to share our experiences with you, so if you are looking for a special trip chances are so are we.  We look forward to hearing from you real soon.

Send us a message and our agents will contact you promptly